In the first part of today’s show, we delve into Google’s latest marvel, Genie—an AI model capable of creating entire virtual worlds from just a single image. Then, we discuss Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang’s bold claim that the future of AI could render traditional coding obsolete, suggesting that the youth may no longer need to learn programming. Next, we explore how Midjourney 6 could signify the downfall for a significant portion of the photography industry.

Today’s controversial take is that space exploration is a waste of resources, sparking a debate among our listeners.

In the second half of the show, we asked 100 humans to name something an astronaut has to be an expert at, resulting in some surprising and enlightening answers. We also shed light on a new law in Missouri stating that pregnant women are barred from getting divorced and address the recent apology issued by the York Hospital Trust for an offensive sign regarding Indian cuisine.

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