Rob Grams, or ProfessionalBohemian (ProBoh for short), has one simple goal in life- never paint anything that could end up on a motel wall. With this quest in mind, Rob has painted and sketched almost all his life, journeying all over the world and honing his oil painting and drawing to create larger than life pieces wrapped in layers of meaning and metaphor for the viewer to uncover. By stripping down the subjects of his paintings down to their core elements, Rob plays with the viewer’s interpretations and expectations, pushing the viewers of his paintings to self-examine what they see within his work, and unravel its meanings for themselves by creating their own dialogues and discussions. This focus on viewer lead interpretation does not stop Rob creating work that appeals to all ranges of people, as his bold use of colour and knife palette techniques are eye-catching and hold an art-house film aesthetic that appeals to even the most casual art viewer. When Rob isn’t painting, he is also a keen writer and musician- he has written and performed at the much acclaimed Edinburgh Fringe Festival, produced radio comedy, hosted on TV and radio, and written for a major New York City lifestyle blog. He currently lives in Madrid, but retains his exceptionally Yorkshire accent.