In the first part of today’s show, we delved into the modern work ethics of our tech-driven world, spotlighting a Humanoid-Robot CEO of a drinks company who claims to never have weekends and is ‘always on 24/7.’ We then explored the elite realm of Tinder, discussing its new, exclusive $500-per-month option for a select group of users. Lastly, we uncovered distressing events involving monkeys post-Neuralink implantation, as revealed by veterinary records.

Today’s unpopular opinion spotlighted our self-perception, positing that life would be easier if we were less exposed to our own appearance.

In the show’s second half, we posed an intriguing question to 100 humans, asking them to name an animal a fireman would have trouble carrying out by himself in the event of a zoo fire. Moreover, we covered a peculiar incident where a US woman found herself stuck in an outhouse toilet whilst retrieving her Apple Watch.

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