In the first part of today’s show, we delved into the potential disruption in AI industry with Sam Altman’s bold statement that OpenAI might withdraw from the EU in the face of actual AI regulation. Our next stop was an exciting breakthrough in the scientific world, where researchers have discovered a chemical that could aid in healing nerve damage, a ray of hope for paralysis patients. Wrapping up our news highlight, we took a look at an explosive revelation by a whistleblower who released a whopping 100 Gigabytes of Tesla’s confidential information to a German news site. Finally, we discussed Eric Schmidt’s unique viewpoint that society’s refusal to reproduce sufficiently might be its saving grace against the existential threat of AI.

Today’s unpopular opinion took a spin on modern communication norms, arguing that “Phonecalls are better than voice messages.”

In the second half of the show, we asked 100 humans to “Name An Animal That Associated With Being Dirty.” We then turned our attention to a shocking incident involving a German surgeon who was discharged after having a hospital cleaner assist in an amputation. We also delved into the FBI’s alleged misuse of surveillance law to spy on protesters and donors.

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