In the first part of today’s show, we delved into a shocking discovery: Microplastics have been found in every human placenta tested in a recent study, raising grave concerns about health and environmental safety. Then we discussed an intriguing approach to population decline; the billionaire boss of South Korea’s Booyoung Group is offering his workers a staggering $75,000 bonus to encourage family expansion. Lastly, we unpacked a controversial statement where the CEO of Exxon blames the public for the failure to address climate change, sparking a heated debate.

Today’s unpopular opinion challenged the mainstream by suggesting that public speaking skills are grossly undervalued.

In the show’s second half, we put 100 humans to the test, asking them to name a job that requires a lot of public speaking. We also dove into the cultural impact of children’s television, as American parents level accusations against Peppa Pig for allegedly turning their children into ‘brats.’ Unfortunately, there was no second piece of news today.

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